Revan's Moderator/Admin Application

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Revan's Moderator/Admin Application

Post by kevsith on Thu Jul 28, 2016 12:31 am

What would u do as a moderator on this server?: A moderator should be someone who can adjudicate on rules if there is a problem or dispute on the server.

What makes you think your good enough for the role?: I think my resume on ARMA 3 speaks for itself, I have had experience as both a Community Manager, and an Admin.

Why do you want to be a moderator? (Paragraph needed here of 200 words minimum): I think a job as a Moderator is pretty simple, you are to adjudicate on issues that may arise in the server. There are multiple issues that could arise, and you need to be able to explain what you are doing every step of the way, when people have arrived to the Moderation system, they are normally upset by that point, and need to be helped quickly and carefully. I have a background in customer service, I work within the restaurant business, and the first thing you learn is how to move quickly, however, you also must solve the problems that come to you efficiently. I will endeavor to do both of the above. I will use the tools given to me in infistar, and I also will not allow people to take advantage of the Moderator/Admin tools that have been entrusted to me. I will always seek evidence of what has happened, and resolve the situation as defined in the handbook and rule guidelines I have been given. I will not stray from these guidelines, and will remain impartial in my decisions. Above all, as a moderator, I am a representation of this community, and will endeavor to conduct myself professionally.


1. If a player hacks to spawn items or destroy the villages on altis, what do you do?: You should remove any items that the person has spawned. If any major damage has been done, it should be brought to the attention of a dev. The hacker should also be added to the kick/banned list immediately.

2. If a player asks you for money, what would you do?: Ask them to fill out a comp request on the forums/ts, and respectfully tell them you cannot grant them funds until that process has be completed.

3. In moderation mode, if a player comes up to you and shoots you without god mode on, what do you do?: It should be considered RDM and should be handled under those guidelines, as nothing was done to initiate.

4. In moderation mode, if someone initiates on u what do you tell them?: Simply tell them out of RP that you are a moderator/admin on duty.


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